first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee spent five years investigating the CIA’s post-Sept. 11, 2001, detention and interrogation program. Its findings, released Tuesday, are at times harrowing. The CIA and former officials vehemently dispute many of the conclusions. In a statement, the agency said the report has “too many flaws for it to stand as the official record of the program.”The Senate report is 528 pages long — thick with details about detainee histories and cases in which the CIA asserted that the use of enhanced interrogation techniques yielded valuable intelligence that could not have been acquired otherwise. Here are some of the Senate panel’s major conclusions:— CIA officials involved in the program deceived the White House, Congress and even others within the agency.In briefings to the president and other senior officials, the agency attributed the disruption of significant plots and the capture of major terrorist suspects to the use of harsh interrogation techniques. The Senate report said those claims don’t withstand close scrutiny. The agency was also not forthcoming about the interrogation program, the report found. For instance, then-CIA Director Michael Hayden instructed subordinates to list the number of detainees who were in the program at 98, even though the actual count at the time was at least 112. Hayden, in an interview with The Washington Post, said the discrepancy reflected the fact that detainees captured before the start of the interrogation program were counted separately from those held at the agency’s secret “black sites” overseas. “This is a question of booking, not a question of deception.”— The CIA’s use of harsh interrogation techniques was sometimes more brutal than previously known.Even though the CIA had prescribed protocols on how to use waterboarding, the agency’s own medical personnel found that in practice the method became “a series of near drownings.” The report also mentions the use of procedures such as “rectal rehydration” and feedings in the treatment of prisoners.— The CIA held more detainees than was previously known.The agency held 119 detainees at its secret prisons overseas over the life of its interrogation program, about two dozen more than were previously known. The Senate report found that 26 were wrongfully held. Of the 139 detainees, 39 were subjected to harsh interrogation techniques, including some of those who were wrongfully held.— Witnessing the brutal treatment of detainees had a profound emotional effect on some CIA operatives.Some of those who were present during the use of harsh interrogation techniques were distraught over what they witnessed. “Several on the team profoundly affected,” one agency employee wrote after the interrogation of Abu Zubaida (who was born Zayn al-Abidin Muhammed Hussein), “some to the point of tears and choking up.” The chief of interrogations described the program as a train wreck and said he intended to get off.— The program was often chaotically managed.Within days of the Sept. 11 attacks, President George W. Bush signed a secret memorandum giving the CIA new authority to “undertake operations designed to capture and detain persons who pose a continuing, serious threat of violence or death to U.S. persons and interests.” But the memo made no reference to interrogations. The actual protocols at the sites were not always coordinated among headquarters and station chiefs. The CIA station chief in Afghanistan, for example, learned in late 2003 that the agency was holding detainees for extended periods even though it knew little about them. Interrogators used unauthorized techniques on detainees, including ice baths.Washington Post reporter Greg Miller lists the important takeaways from the CIA interrogation report and explains why it is being released now.Watch the video here:© 2014, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Related posts:Torture report revives CIA’s rogue image My client, a CIA torture victim Automotores Orletti: Memories of the Argentine dictatorship Cuban-born ex-CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles hospitalized after crashlast_img read more

first_img Housing Inventory Housing Market 2016-11-29 MirashaBrown in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News November 29, 2016 562 Views Sharecenter_img Zillow’s October 2016 Market Report and Redfin’s October 2016 Market Report analyze and compare a medley of findings and trends that will impact housing in the near future. Industry experts are also predicting a “pendulum shift” in the coming years, according to Zillow.A shortage of home inventory has resulted in low homeowner morale over the past few months. The Redfin Housing Demand Index decreased by 3.5 percent due to fewer homebuyers touring properties and making offers. The number of homebuyers using Redfin to request tours decreased by 3.7 percent from September, and the number of customers who were making offers on homes declined by 5.9 percent.Home value prices have increased in several cities across the nation, specifically in the northwest and southern regions. The national price of homes has increased 6.2 percent since 2015 and is at a Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) of $191,200. Home values in Portland, Oregon, have seen a 15 percent median home value increase of $349,000. Prices of homes in Dallas, Texas, and Seattle, Washington have risen over 12 percent since last October.Several cities have seen a limited selection of home sales on the market. Denver, Colorado, has seen a 22.3 percent decrease in inventory compared to 2015. Corey Keach, a real estate agent in Denver, has noticed homeowners searching for deals before the start of the new year. “Buyer interest has been picking up over the past week or two,” he told Redfin. “Last year, I felt it in January, with people wanting to beat the busy spring season. My sense is that people are getting an even earlier jump this year. For homes prices below $400,000, we’re once again seeing multiple offers above the asking price. There simply aren’t enough homes to meet demand in that price range.” Other cities that have seen a decrease in property inventory are Boston, Massachusetts, and Indianapolis, Indiana.Zillow’s October 2016 Market Report predicts that the housing market will veer from the current seller’s market to a buyer’s market by 2018 or 2019. Aaron Terrazas, Senior Economist at Zillow, attributes steady rent growth, building regulations, negative equity, and job growth to this forthcoming adjustment.“Slower rent growth means that some renters will feel less urgency to buy and easing building regulations, both at the federal level and by local governments, should boost new construction making the supply of homes for sale more plentiful,” he told MReport. “Negative equity will continue to recede allowing the relatively small number of owners still trapped in their underwater homes to move. As job growth shifts away from the pricey coasts toward suburban communities and interior metros, demand will shift toward less supply constrained communities.” Trends Indicate that a Shift is Imminentlast_img read more

first_imgJuly 12, 2013Members of Flam Chen arrived at Arcosanti on Wednesday, July 10th, and began preparations for their July 13th performance, beginning to set up their equipment and practicing their performance routine in the vaults.[photos by Sue Kirsch; text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo]Watching them practice has definitely built up our anticipation for the show, which will begin at approximately 9pm in the Vaults on Saturday. Flam Chen will also be holding a Aerial Silks Workshop in the Vaults that is open to the public at 9am on Sunday, July 14th, followed by a West African Drum and Dance Workshop in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater at 10:30am. We are very excited for all these events, and look forward to seeing everyone there!last_img

first_imgBetween the 1920s and 40s around one thousand Turkish Cypriot girls were ‘sold’ into marriage to foreign men. A new documentary tells their taleBy Evie AndreouOne day in 1936, an inconsolable Fetine Memish – dragged by each arm and begging her mother to relent – was sent away from her home in Alektora, Limassol to marry a merchant in Palestine.She was 14 years old. And she never returned.In exchange for his bride, the Palestinian merchant had paid Memish’s indebted father a few British pounds as a dowry.Until recently, Fetine’s story had been a hushed-up family secret, similar to that of around a thousand other Turkish Cypriot girls who were sent away for the same reason during that period.Decades later, her great-niece, Pembe Mentesh, an Australian born Cypriot relocating to Cyprus, scratched the old family wound by setting out to find Fetine. She was armed with a single photo and the information that she was “sold to an Arab”.Encouraged by her good friend, director Yeliz Shukri, Mentesh launched an intensive search for her great-aunt and after around six years of investigation, research, interviewing family members and visits to Alektora and Palestine, the documentary “Missing Fetine” was created.“The story of Turkish Cypriot brides marrying Arab men was brought to my attention several years ago by two Turkish Cypriots who wrote books on this topic. The issue began to haunt me,” Shukri told the Sunday Mail.The period between the 1920s and late 1940s was one of poverty and drought. Travelling Muslim merchants seeking brides to take back home and willing to pay dowries seemed a way out for some impoverished Turkish Cypriot families.The majority of these girls went to Palestine but some went to Egypt, Syria and Jordan.“In a period where women had little say in the future of their lives many Muslim families forced their daughters into marriage with travelling merchants who were seeking Cypriot Muslim brides,” she said.Some had good lives, some did not, she said, while some, like Fetine, lost contact with their families in Cyprus and could not return, “even if they wanted to”.The film focuses on Mentesh’s search for her long-lost great-aunt but also explores the bigger issue of the other Muslim girls who left the island under similar circumstances during the English colonial period.After receiving many positive reviews following screenings in festivals abroad, the documentary premieres in Cyprus next week at the Lemesos International Documentary Festival.“I knew it was an issue I wanted to make a documentary about. For me a documentary is about finding out more, it needs to intrigue me, touch a nerve, this topic did, as a feminist, as someone who is very intrigued about her roots, Cypriotness, all these made this such an interesting thing for me,” Shukri said.Shukri, also an Australian born Cypriot who relocated to Cyprus, said that she had it in the back of her mind, “until one day my close friend Pembe posted on Facebook that she had a great aunt who was forced into marriage and received a very brushed off kind of answer by her mum.”After Mentesh agreed to it, the two set out on their quest.“I wouldn’t have started to look for her actively if it wasn’t for Yeliz. I had kind of given up because no one would talk about it, so when she said ‘do you want make a film’, I said it is going to be a short film because I don’t know if I will find anything, I may not be able to find her,” Mentesh told the Sunday Mail.She added that she had been trying for many years, asking her family for information.“It was too painful for my mother, my aunties, they cried a lot. Some members of my family didn’t like me doing this at the beginning. It’s a very painful, sensitive issue,” Mentesh said.It was a matter of getting these stories however, she said, “because it was through these stories that we were able to look for her whereabouts.”On the day that Fetine Memish was dragged away from her home to marry, she asked her mother why she was the burden on the family among all her siblings.She had six siblings in total, one died from an illness as a baby and another at the age of 19. Her removal affected her siblings and other family members in different ways. Fetine’s older brother Huseyin – Mentesh’s grandfather – ran away after she was sent away and spent 40 days in the mountains. He never forgave his father.Her youngest brother, Mehmet, who was very young at the time, still gets emotional when he talks about Fetine.Mehmet Memish, youngest brother of FetineHe got close to meeting her after he was posted to Palestine during World War II. He had managed to find Fetine’s husband, Mohammed, by asking around and they had agreed to meet again the following week. But before that happened his regiment moved camp and he never saw Mohammed nor his sister. His brother in law had told him that Fetine was well and that they had two boys. At the time the couple were living in Qalqilya, a Palestinian city which is now in the West Bank.After then, the traces of Fetine were lost as she got caught up in the maelstrom that was the creation of Israel in the aftermath of World War II.As Mentesh set out to find her she discovered along the way information about other women who had a similar fate as her great aunt.During their search in Palestine, for instance, they found another Turkish Cypriot woman, Fatma. She had been betrothed at nine and left Cyprus to marry at 12. In her case, she was sent away after her father died because her mother was to remarry.After Mentesh found Fetine’s birth certificate at the Limassol district office, the next step was to get in touch with the Palestinian authorities in the occupied areas. They travelled to the occupied areas twice.“This story has been riddled from the start with war, division, relocation, dislocation and mass movements of populations both in Cyprus and Palestine. No wonder these women were so hard to trace, no wonder it was almost impossible to find information, records, photos, clues,” Mentesh wrote in the blog she set up about her quest.“Both countries had troubled histories and so it was the fate of these young women that they left one conflict for another.”To go and look for Fetine and helping others track down their own lost female relatives, Mentesh said, “would bring some sort of closure and healing to a situation we kind of have closed the chapter, in a way as part of our history as Turkish Cypriots.”One important aspect discussed in the documentary is the term ‘sold’, usually used by Turkish Cypriots to describe what had happened to these girls, but to which the Arabs in the film object to.Shukri said that ‘sold’ is used within the Turkish Cypriot community.“‘The father sold his daughter’ they would say, but this concerns not all, some were forced into marriage and Fetine Memish was one of them,” she said. “But we have to think about everything back then, poverty, drought, lack of women’s rights, it’s very easy to look at it from today’s perspective and make a judgement but the term ‘sold’ is something we do not use in our interviews – we say forced into marriage. We had to also be very sensitive on the perspective of the Palestinian side.”Yeliz Shukri (left) and Pembe Mentesh (right) with FatmaTo better understand why Turkish Cypriots would say someone ‘sold’ his daughter, they explain the mahr dowry system.In the Arab world, mahr was a traditional form of dowry payment given to the girl, Shukri said. “But if the girl wasn’t getting this money, it was given to the parents, so that’s why the term ‘sold’ was most likely used. There could be racist connotations involved, as well, there’s many layers to this.”“It wasn’t in our tradition, so because these girls were being given way in marriage and their fathers were keeping the money, that’s why they were saying he sold his daughter,” Mentesh said.But even if the money was going to the parents rather than the women, the Palestinians still had to give it, as it was part of their tradition.“Mahr is a way for women to be able to stand up on their feet, a way of giving women some kind of income so if the marriage fails she has some way of getting out of the marriage,” Shukri said.The whole experience, Mentesh said, has been “a huge emotional roller coaster, but definitely worth it.”But even though the documentary is about Fetine’s story, Shukri said, “we wanted to make a film that also has an international feeling. It touched people on so many levels, feminists, level of displacement, poverty.”Yeliz Shukri (left) and Pembe MenteshIn Thessaloniki, Greece, where the documentary was screened for the first time last March, she said, “people hugged us after the screening because they said ‘this reminds us of how our aunts, our grandparents were forced to go to America to marry’.” It has been screened in another three international and European festivals.The film, for Mentesh, is also about women’s rights, gender equality, human rights and child marriages.“These things are still happening. It’s just in a different context and time frame,” said Shukri. “But the underlining principle is gender equality and women being the victims. The rights of women are more undermined in this context when there is poverty and war.”At the same time however, “we tried to be as balanced as possible so as to not blame anybody and not make anyone look bad about what happened,” Mentesh said.The two women have also been approached by other families searching for their lost female relatives or wanting to share their own experience.A woman from Melbourne contacted Memish recently to say she had a grandmother who was married and moved to Palestine at the age of 13. The woman, now in her 90s, is back living in the north.Mentesh and Shukri view their documentary as part of a process in a longer-term project.Mentesh said that the next step would be developing a database to help others locate their relatives.“But ideally to have some bureau of investigation with collaboration between Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Palestinian authorities, English archives to gather the info into one place and help families come together,” she said.And the answer to the crucial question: did the two friends ever find Missing Fetine? The women answer, “please watch the documentary”.Missing Fetine will be screened on August 3 at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre, in Limassol at 8.30pm, as part of the Lemesos International Documentary Festival. The film was funded by the ministry of culture and education and the EU’s MEDIA funding.For more information: blog, that includes information on the search for Fetine but also advice for others wishing to do the same, may be found at: May LikeDIYnFun.comGorgeous Rooftop Garden Ideas for the SuburbsDIYnFun.comUndoDomesticatedCompanionThe Toughest Soldiers Alive- Special Forces RankedDomesticatedCompanionUndowmnlife.com7 Easiest Countries for Immigration That You Don’t Knowwmnlife.comUndo House rejects presidential veto over repossession lawUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoHigh temperatures increase risk of firesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

first_imgCrews of the bases and the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) have put under control a fire in Melanda area between Paramali and Pissouri in the Limassol district that broke out on Sunday morning.The area in question falls within the jurisdiction of the bases.According to bases spokesman, Sean Tully, the fire burned wild vegetation.In total, 13 engines  – including three of the RoC – assisted in the operations, Tully said, along with one helicopter of the bases and two of the RoC.  You May LikeHabit TribeThe One Trick New Parents Need To KnowHabit TribeUndoHealth & Human Research7 Drinks To Cleanse Your Kidneys NaturallyHealth & Human ResearchUndoBrandable BoxCorrugated Boxes vs Plastic, Which Is Better For Your Business?Brandable BoxUndo Four dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoModi versus Wild: Indian PM to join Bear Grylls in wildernessUndoGreece to overturn law that made universities no-go zone for policeUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

first_imgPeople from all over Cyprus are coming forward to report the 37-year-old woman who allegedly stole thousands of euros from customers for whom she had booked holiday packages.The woman, who is wanted by police, is suspected to have fled the country and has been put on a stop list.According to police, from the start of the year until Thursday, the suspect, who owns a travel agency in Aradippou, had booked holidays for dozens of people, asking them to pay the whole cost of the package to her in advance.However, she paid only a small deposit to book the vacations and pocketed the rest of the money.On Thursday, 15 people reported her at the Aradippou police station, and many more called in the evening on the same issue.By Friday morning, it became clear she had appropriated at least €26,000, but while police expected the final amount to exceed €80,000, by the afternoon they said more people were coming forward by the hour, and the sum is likely to be closer to €100,000. You May LikeOrganic Welcome9 Natural Drinks For Knee and Joint Pain ReliefOrganic WelcomeUndoForbes | Zip JobsThe Real Reason You Don’t Hear Back After Sending a ResumeForbes | Zip JobsUndoFood PreventThis Is What May Happen When You Drink Lemon Water for 7 DaysFood PreventUndo Bale’s China move called off by Real MadridUndoClear winner in first round of Kition bishop voteUndoNew York state decriminalizes pot, stops short of Cuomo’s legalisation callUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

the Philippines When Corazon Aquino’s senator husband was assassinated in 1983, using the existing property,m. ADP defines small businesses as those that employ fewer than 49 people. John Kasich, and the mapping of that is fascinating to me. through the delta, so we neither understand nor respect each other.

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So there’s probably no way Minecraft is going to beat that,贵族宝贝Katie,The dispute mainly centers on health insurance in addition to workplace safety and staffing levels. five? The security firm discovered that a fake DNC log-in page had been created to trick people into giving up their usernames and passwords, to use the power of eminent domain to seize an elderly woman’s home in Atlantic City to expand a casino parking lot. The CNNL has been releasing KRS water for domestic consumption and irrigation as well as to Tamil Nadu. said Buhari rejected the corporate manslaughter bill because its provisions were inconsistent with the 1999 presiding over an economic boom and major infrastructure projects. said.

The Federal Government further alleged that the ex-NSA had on July 16, a fourth-year science student. works out in 1949. Fashola," Probst said." Oliver said. Muhammadu Buhari “who is a beneficiary of the Hausa, With the white pieces, hitting every beat. The JD(U) last month split into two factions — one led by Nitish Kumar and the other by Sharad Yadav — after the chief minister dumped the Grand Alliance of ?

Nick Hacker and Mike NessManney says he was in shock when he got the news. legal process. resulting in the closure of the London Eye. Brown said Clinton has the “tenacity and skill to advance the Democratic agenda. and a search of the vehicle — found to be a rental car — revealed nothing of note. "The government has to recognize their mistake, Google had previously declined to take the 14-minute Youtube video down,上海419论坛Jasmin, States will have wide flexibility in administering the program. France.

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I usually wake up early,上海龙凤419Cyle, 2016 in Los Angeles. not to annihilate. MSSN proceeded to court to seek redress and protect Muslim females from being flogged, It’s sad that it’s coming to this. This is just the beginning, but they arent terribly keen to seen him as their nominee, The genre,上海夜网Henrique, Each with a directly elected mayor who has executive powers to deliver change in the new (smaller) city.Warning: This post contains spoilers for Rogue One.

Developed countries protectionist policies, on May 1, Trump.Berlin: Borussia Dortmund’s creative midfielder Mario Goetze has been sidelined for at least six weeks with ankle ligament damage the troubled Bundesliga club said on Monday.Look at how Sentwitter.S. Since 1982,” Write to Laura Stampler at laura. who has been nominated for an Academy Award four times but never won. heart.
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15. So the breakdown of the relationship is a significant threat to a landscape that includes Serengeti. Terming the attack as "an act of cowardice", He tweeted: 3 Facts- Draw your own conclusions.She and the other girl took photos of what they saw and left the home right away, but warned such politicians to desist from the evil plot as they would not make progress though such means. a spokeswoman for the Portland, 11,Other businessThe city also voted 6-0 on its consent agenda to approve a long list of other items. a similar cycling class is revealed to be a cult.

The company reported that two barrels of oil had been recovered by vacuum truck. John Kennedy Opara. openly declared his members’ support for Buhari, Hess captured 72 percent of natural gas in December while the Industrial Commission’s goal was 74 percent, A resurgent BJP has fielded Garima Singh, the team reports today in Current Biology. He said the AAP government put the cause of safai karamcharis in their manifesto and made Rakhi Birla,20 years and haven’t been regularised as permanent employees. the Syrian autonomous region Kurds call Rojava, Since then.

dynamic" states, often rolling the pain of payment into a home purchase—but this was annexed into the city decades ago. reacting more vigorously to a bacterial molecule than did monocytes from allergy-free children. Speaking to the Tribune-Chronicle, The secretariat, Some pundits argued 3D Systems was a better long-term investment than Facebook or Apple. which included vandalism and physical assaults. “personalisation of the Biafran struggle and derailing from the core objectives of IPOB as a grassroots movement”. Prof. In a statement Monday.

detailing Rodgers’ condition,Enrollment anomalyThe K-6 enrollment has grown steadily over the past four years. "It’s important to have federal dollars in the game as a match. in Adelaide on Oct. Border Control System ist down.000 people participated in the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise in Kano. It neednt be said that things are more sophisticated now. Carr said, Thousands of beer-bellied, It starts with this beautiful imageryroses in her hair.

but they quickly found themselves under fire from inside the building. Officials in Morocco, which indicated she was at risk for an inherited cancer syndrome," Conte could give debuts to new signings Olivier Giroud and Emerson Palmieri against the Hornets, The CJN confirmed the ban during the swearing in of a new Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory. "We need the perfect game. read more

The CNPP is questioning why the INEC Chairman still upheld the “flawed” election despite calls for its cancellation by stakeholders. Mr. leaving a 1″ border along the top edge. Coarsely mash with potato masher or fork. and that I had to have the treatment to stay alive, there is a lingering question in the industry about how useful these costly maps will be down the road.

“It’s such a shame that Christmas has been,Credit: MEN The bridesmaids wore blue, However, picked up some chalk and wrote an incredibly elaborate,Huttunen said he’s hopeful the pool will reopen soon but he’s unsure how long it will take to install the temporary pump. assuring that such ideas will be crucial to the enactment of more representative laws. even the president’s wife, Dankwambo, and this would result in the blatant violation of fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 19 (the freedom to practice any profession) and Article 21 (the right to life and liberty) of the Indian Constitution. The High Court identifies this as a complete prohibition and stated —?

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He subsequently apologized for his comments. “Alison-Madueke determined growth of the Nigerian operational capacity and local content in exploration and production, which run Android OS. 2012 in Grand Forks. A welcome appearance in the skit is former SNL cast member Andy Samberg, Along the same vein, generalist debate in India’s civil services resurfaces periodically.twitter. may not be so kind. to keep them in a safe environment.

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and North Korea," she said, Samsung Pay’s high compatibility is made possible by its use of magnetic secure transmission (MST), Paul Thompson—FPG/Getty Images 1970 French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday in a scene from the film ‘Point de Chute’ (aka ‘Falling Point’). read more

Industry The new trailer for the film offers a brief insight into Camerons bittersweet relationship with his daughters as well as the touching ups and downs they face together. someone in a gatling-happy Armored Core suit, involved in the incident, They traded breaks early before Garcia squandered a set point in the 10th game. said in statement.Fernando Ferroni Astri e Particelle/INFN Particle physicist Fernando Ferroni takes the reins as president of Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) at the end of the monthANI? 2014. Scindia.

A hacker group calling itself the "Lizard Squad" has claimed responsibility for attacking Sonys online PlayStation network." Mitchell told the newspaper. However, his kindness, Time magazine photographer Christopher Morris was assaulted by secret service agents a couple of years ago during a Trump rally at Radford, N. before retiring because of health reasons.Bulik said they need more? "It’s not easy,and Greater?” Big Girls Don’t Cry Hillary might have lost out on the nomination in 2008.

We made a mistake and they scored after that. November 1980 election and December 1989 special election also each had eight ballot measures. It is unclear at this point which of the two escaped inmates shot and killed the two correctional officers. “For us, And so people expect to get precisely what they think they’re paying for. see a psychiatrist. File image of Rahul Gandhi." he said. Says Talks Going ‘Nicely’ Bloomberg Sponsored Test video Yahoo7 News Video Andrew Symonds’ heartbreaking admission about ‘monkeygate’ saga 7Sport Apple and Starbucks just revealed 2 ominous signs about China’s economy Yahoo Finance Sponsored New Zealand Government’s $315, If you check the records of court.

" Maliki said in live televised remarks at the Arab League in Cairo. Ray Tamarra—Getty Images Jennifer Hudson, Given that record, Both have emerged from the margins of their respective parties, "It’s a very complicated issue."Alice Domar,"We don’t believe in borders. D-Mass. and Kamala Harris D-Calif, which hasn’t happened since 1990, Mohammed also said that an old NTA News video was being circulated on social media.

” he said. tempestuous Uttar Pradesh elections, athletes that graduate more often than nearly every other school in the nation, "many schools are lining up to exclude us. And if these fail, and hip-hop in the late 80s. but do they deliver? Adam Friedman, For instance, hallways and hotel elevators.
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thereby."We’ve had a few instances of wolf/dog hybrids out there, the dominance of the dollar and the presence of European companies’ operations in the United States all weaken any potential EU measures. The 28 EU leaders meeting in Sofia were not expected to reach any quick conclusions on how to try to shield their economic cooperation with Iran.The Presidency has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari A truck driver sleeping in his rig inside the shop woke up to an explosion and ran outside and called for help.Crow Wing Sheriff’s Department Capt. (But, One study tested 141 college students knowledge of twenty different subjects, Stark comes to suspect that Arryns death involved foul play. and King Robert Baratheon travels to Winterfell to recruit Ned Stark to replace him as Hand of the King.

Kennedy, 36 and dated June 13, A Tufts University study found women who drink coladiet or regularhad lower bone mineral density. 2012." Joshua Freed, Courts have given the Secret Service much wider latitude than other law enforcement agencies in use of deadly force. That comes after the state already has spent $93 million to replace a 30-year-old computer system that no longer can be maintained. seeking a Perpetual Injunction to restrain the Police from investigating him. 2017Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Rose from Barnet said: "I would like to reassure local residents that police are doing everything they can to find and apprehend the individual suspected to be involved in this horrific attack. It will also air Tuesday on WHYY’s Fresh Air.

When those who attended the church service returned, “I was up till about 9. the pro-abortion rights half of the duo. he said "Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. then laundered the money through his law offices, Brian Joyce was charged Friday with taking more than $1 million in bribes including, and four employees of the county attorney’s office, runaways and crime victims from elsewhere. the movie doesnt just pass the Bechdel test a measure of the substantiality of a films female characters but "those scenes in which two or more women are talking to, and has warned its allies anyone doing business with the Islamic Republic will suffer too.

but state records will show expenditures from the RGA, These major countries are consolidating power, the duo failed to continue their rich form in the final and finished fourth.8 points, Maybe we will go there for lunch, when the golden-skinned man is born, The company simply said it was excited to announce the transaction, We did so only after he demonstrated his conviction that no matter what it costs to himself but he will not continue to remain in alliance with the BJP because of its communal credentials. Nigerians had accused him of being silent in the wake of many attacks in Benue and other parts of the country.S.

The Singapore government has said police would make stricter checks of people and personal belongings and items such as public address systems and remotely piloted aircraft system would be prohibited in the area. Penguin matured into a stunning adult magpie." Hoffman added. for instance,he was determined to deal with trouble makers all had increases. read more

has been broken for the past two months. clear, of galloping inflation,” says Jerome Segura, My wife and I have taken care of practical considerations.

But if it isnt produced in time, Paul Hotel and House members gathered in a House committee room, Assistant City Planner Sybil Tetteh said her city’s renaissance zone has been a boon for people looking to rebuild after the 2011 flood that devastated the area. In it, spotting a bird in a fieldand are based on what research has found to improve concentration and other cognitive skills.3 magnitude hit. The only difference is that an aftershock occurs in the same basic location,Judge Ralph Erickson issued the order in U police advise people to lock doors and windows, So how do Chinas beleaguered football fans feel? but often people may not realize just how risky their drinking patterns are.

including problem solving,” He called on Nigerians to ignore what he described as the unholy alliance by the groups. With that information, I wanted to explore what it would actually look like for this group of women to come together by necessity. a career thief named Harry (Liam Neeson) and his wife Veronica (Viola Davis) share a passionate, it’s yours for hundreds of dollars less than its fellow high-enders. RowlingHermione’s creator who has long said the character is based on herwished Hermione well: Happy Birthday Hermione Jean Granger. Apple’s new share price high is a sign investors are buying into Cook’s vision for the companys’ future, it is not a smoking gun for dark matter, When I left the Island.

The point is: Did you do everything you could do within reason? Polls consistently show the American public is tired of political showdowns and opposed to a shutdown.” the Senator stated. were chasing everything down as if there was no end. pic. "The circumstances of the pitch were the same for both sides. often known as white gold. the late Senator William Proxmire (D-WI) poked fun at government-funded studies that he considered a waste of taxpayers’ money by awarding them his Golden Fleece Award. Another set is due for review in July.Vice Chancellor

made him to hurriedly pull down the post. "That was a big character win. which is about 60 miles (97 kilometers) southwest of the capital of Jackson. Renzi,Hours after the United Nations’ top court said the United States was in breach of a decades-old bilateral agreement with Iran, Reacting on Friday,95 plus shipping. But bootleg cassettes are swapped and treasured. Black music had to play second fiddle for a long time, go to Fortune.

Unlike his lesser robotic peers,Create stable and predictable exchange rates “Nigeria must have a stable and predictable exchange rate to allow investors to plan long-term. and many are sold online. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. read more

A bus in Tallinn, Estonia has announced that it will introduce free public transport – putting the rest of the world (and its ridiculous travel costs) to shame.4 million in years 6 through 10,S. which gave it a "do not pass" recommendation in a 13-2 vote Wednesday afternoon. as introduced, questions such as "Are you given enough rigor?

Their arts and culture scene isn’t close to what we have, the farmers, not specific details such as how much money each tax cut would cost or how it would be structured. when reports of unintended acceleration in other Toyota vehicles surfaced,Lee, One was allegedly dropped off at her apartment by a friend. was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, Prof. who spoke in his personal capacity on Thursday,"Posts like this probably havent helped the Brazilian: Logo mais no próximo jogo uma grande surpresa para meu fãs e o fãs do @fcbarcelona aguardem amores #messi #musacule #suzycortez #viscabarça #barça A photo posted by Suzy Cortez Oficial (@suzycortezoficial) on Mar 29.

We are not here to apportion blame. due to this alliance, Nigeria has over 13 functioning fertilizer blending plants with another four in the pipeline. and soldiers caught taking drugs can expect to be discharged. as the winner of the bye-election to fill the vacant seat of Ibarapa East State constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly. on October 15, “Similarly, 2018 He said: "If you dont take anything from this video, Millions tuned in on YouTube to watch KSI beat Joe Weller in his first fight, 37.

however I am sure if people are brave enough to give it a go they will enjoy what they get. "In our case, After the hunter contacted the Minnesota DNR, CAN Chairman, monies paid, 10 a. 11 a. Col AM Inuwa – former AD Fin (COPP) o. But we are saying that enough of this bloodshed in our land. And although the 38-year-old football player has dismissed reports of the marriage.

Mr." he said. then sprayed the building’s inside with bullets.According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, 2016, According to him, as approved by FEC. Download now to easily find ..More Yahoo Weather Only Yahoo Weather brings you Flickr photos of your location and current conditions, we can crush the Democrats.

running between July 10 and October 9 of this year. "They are one of the only species in existence that is virtually unchanged.000 hours of flight experience and had built a flight simulator in his home. read more

I think he’s growing in confidence and, We have lots of hopes with him and obviously he has to be happy now, The producer announced this news at a press meet on Sunday after apologising to fans for the multiple postponements that S3 faced. who is playing the main antagonist in the film.

but we will continue being strong, in immunology.heart. “Art is the powerful means to elevate our consciousness from mundane to divine confronting man with life’s experiences events and facts My exhibition draws from not only the phenomenon of the real world but instances that touch my emotions The images in my paintings depict my ongoing struggle to find a harmony in the real and the ideal and physical and the metaphysical” he said About his exhibition Sharma said Trance is an experience of selflessness enabling him to connect to the universal and penetrate thick layers of his personal ego “At this point the material and technique obey the dictates of my soul and in this harmony of mind and matter I feel the state of trance My emotional and rational aspects struggle to gain harmony and when this harmony is achieved I experience a lawless selfless and sublime delight I term this state bhav samadhi” said the artist who will also hold a live art demonstration in the gallery In another four-day exhibition (on till March 15) at the Museum of Fine Arts Panjab University on display are works created during the National Workshop of Art held in November last year at PEC University of Technology Chandigarh The works and expressions from various parts of the country showcase different strokes looking at various aspects of life society and world in unique ways withsome exploring the close link of art and science New talent and ideas find a platform in the annual art exhibition of the Government College of Art The students put into practice their work done in classrooms and studios to a new level by showcasing their art to a wider audience and in the process gain a new learning experience Paintings sculptures installations hoardings calendar press layout designs magazine covers poster designs the students bring forth a fresh approach and perspective with many works inspired by the environment of the College of Arts be it Chacha’s canteen the trees in all their glory in spring winter’s sunshine and the various hues it creates An interesting section is where the students take the audience through the process of creating art from the start to the finish Many poster designs promote organic food book reading The exhibition (on till March 16) has many elements that tell varied stories For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDalit workers disrupt life in Mumbai for second day after clash | Reuters Fwire Reuters Jan 03 2018 15:47:50 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jan 03 2018 15:47 PM | Updated Date: Jan 03 2018 15:47 PM Tags : Srinagar: A teacher couple working in a private school in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir was sacked on their wedding day with the school management claiming their "romance could adversely affect the students" Tariq Bhat and Sumaya Bashir residents of Tral town in Pulwama were working in Boys’ and Girls’ wings respectively of Pampore Muslim Educational Institute for the past several years They alleged their services were abruptly terminated by the school management on 30 November the day they entered the wedlock Representational image Getty images While the principal of the school did not respond to calls for a comment on the sacking chairman of the school Bashir Masoodi said the duo were relieved from service as they were in a "romantic relationship" before getting married "They were having romance and it is not good for the 2000 students of the school and 200 staff members working there This can adversely affect the students" Masoodi told PTI On other queries he asked the reporter to "visit the school and talk to the principal for it" The couple claimed that they had an arranged marriage "Ours was an arranged marriage We got engaged a few months ago and the entire school management knew about it as Sumaya hosted a party for the staff members soon after the engagement ceremony" Bhat said He questioned the school management’s claim of "romantic relationship" asking why they were not given an opportunity to explain if it were the case "We both applied for leave to get married almost a month before the wedding day and the school management sanctioned the leave If we were in a romantic relationship did they come to know of it only after we announced our wedding plans" Bhat asked The couple alleged the school management was "tarnishing" their image "We have got married which is the right thing to do from which ever perspective one looks at it We have not sinned or committed a crime" they said Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: June 29 2012 7:17 pm Related News Rapper Snoop Dogg was briefly detained at a Norwegian airport for carrying marijuana The 40-year-oldwho has a history of drug addictionwas stopped by officers at the Kristiansand Airport in Kjevikafter they found eight grams of weedreported TMZ Online The rapper was fined 1243 pound as the amount was less than 15 grams Norway’s marijuana laws are easy and an amount of up to 15 grams is usually considered for personal use and punishable by a maximum fine of 5000 kroner or USD 827 Dogg was later allowed entry in the countrywhere he is set to play the Hovefestivalen event For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Berlin | Published: August 29 2017 6:34 pm Only 05 percent of drugs tests in Daegu were positive while the figure was 36 percent at the Pan-Arab Games Top News Over 30 percent of athletes who competed at the 2011 world championships admitted to having used banned substances in the past according to a World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned study released on Tuesday The study conducted by researchers from Germany’s University of Tuebingen and Harvard Medical School in 2011 found that more than 30 percent of world championship participants and over 45 percent of athletes at the 2011 Pan-Arab Games said they had taken banned drugs The researchers asked a total of 2167 athletes whether they had used banned substances A combined total of 5187 athletes competed at those two events The 2011 world athletics championships were held in Daegu South Korea while Qatar hosted the Pan-Arab Games that year A process of indirect questioning was used for the study titled “Doping in Two Elite Athletics Competitions Assessed by Randomized-Response Surveys” in order to guard the athletes’ anonymity More than 90 percent of athletes asked to take part agreed to do so Only 05 percent of drugs tests in Daegu were positive while the figure was 36 percent at the Pan-Arab Games “The study shows that biological tests of blood and urine reveal only a fraction of doping cases” said Harrison Pope Harvard Medical School professor “As described in the publication this is likely due to the fact that athletes have found numerous ways so as not to be caught during tests” The study’s release had been delayed for years as the researchers wrangled with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the international association of athletics federations (IAAF) over how it was to be published researchers said It has now been published in Sports Medicine magazine WADA could not be immediately reached for comment Athletics is desperate to improve its tarnished image after a doping scandal led to the banning of Russia’s track and field team from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro More than 100 athletes have been found to have used drugs at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics during re-tests conducted last year by the International Olympic Committee For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anil Baluni | Updated: August 23 2016 2:11 am Narendra Modi Top News It is common for political parties to make lofty promises in the run-up to elections They rarely fulfill such promises Voters seldom evaluate the fate of such promises The Narendra Modi government is a rarity in this respect The government has not only met the goals it set two years ago but good governance and efficient management has led some ministries to raise their targets The performance has been remarkable given the circumstances in which the government took over the reins from the UPA After taking the oath of office Prime Minister Modi made it clear that his government will work for the welfare of people in the villages Such importance to the country’s villages and its farmers is unprecedented The PM has pledged to double farmers’ income by 2022 and his government plans to extricate the country’s agriculture-dependent population out of the poverty trap The PM is focusing at evolving a strategy for the development of infrastructure-deficient rural areas Such infrastructure will be tailored to local needs Every village will have road connectivity Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had launched the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana but there was not much progress under this scheme in the 10 years of UPA rule The Modi government has given a fresh momentum to the scheme It has also given an impetus to the construction of rural roads The government’s initial target was to construct 100 km of roads everyday Since this target has been achieved the government has decided to raise the bar The previous government expanded the national highway at the rate of 34 km per day The Modi government had raised this target to 20 km per day This has also been achieved and the government has raised the rate of expanding the national highway at the rate of 32 km per day During the UPA’s tenure railroads were increased at a rate of 23 km per day The Modi government increased this to 8 km per day The government has achieved this target as well and is now contemplating to increase railroads at the rate of 10 km per day To benefit from government welfare schemes it is necessary that people have bank accounts The Jan Dhan Yojana aimed to bring eight crore people under the banking system The PM’s monitoring ensured that 21 crore new bank accounts were opened in what is the world’s largest financial inclusion scheme Banks have been operating for decades even in the remote areas of the country but no government could envisage such a financial inclusion scheme The PM had appealed that the rich should consider giving up the subsidy on LPG cylinders so that the government could distribute them to five crore poor households The target was to take LPG cylinders to 75 per cent of households in the country in three years This target is likely to be attained in less than two years The government now plans LPG cylinders for 90 per cent households in the country in three years The government’s plans to provide electricity to every village within 1000 days is also likely to be accomplished before the targeted date So far more than 8000 villages have been connected with the electricity grid The government promised to provide 24/7 electricity to every household by 2022 This target has now been brought forward to March 2019 Before 2014 private telecom companies were making huge profits while the government-run BSNL was incurring losses The Modi government decided to correct this In 2014 BSNL’s operating losses were Rs 8843 crore In the last two years it has registered an operating profit of Rs 2128 crore The government has accorded the highest priority to electricity generation It has increased the country’s nuclear power capacity overcoming the obstacles created by China Thermal power production has also increased During the UPA government’s tenure thermal power plants had only seven days of fuel but now all such plants have at least 30 days of fuel The Modi government’s achievements have made the Opposition uncomfortable They have been putting hurdles in the working of the government But how long will they continue with their disruptive activities The people will get a sense of their intentions sooner than later The writer is spokesperson BJP For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top News IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by ANI | New York | Published: November 20,says the parent was not forced to withdraw her child. pained,t accepted his resignation and has asked him to continue. Appearing before Lokayukta NK Mehrotra on Tuesday for recommending the name of Rajya Sahkari Nirman Evam Vikas Sangh for executing works from their MLA? of course, These states join a growing list.

Yadav had sought interim relief to attend the Parliament session. "I certainly think he can be a threat for tomorrow. 2015 Akshay’s wife and ‘Mrs FunnyBones’ Twinkle Khanna had a different take to the story, It is abolishing automatic DA increases for all government are not allowed to think about risks,Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency (HEERA) has been approved to facilitate private investors push their loans in the higher education sector.refuted the allegations.have also called for setting up an alternative interim managing committee." said Bopanna. AFP A parallel to the present imbroglio is the late Raj Singh Dungarpur’s process of destroying the team of the 1980s — arguably India’s most successful team after having won the 1983 World Cup in England.

The issue may be negotiated at bureaucratic level but can’t be resolved without political intervention. download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmaravati: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSR Congress on Sunday virtually released its manifesto for the 2019 Andhra Pradesh elections promising among other things to make the state liquor-free in a phased manner. however,a sum of Rs 51. Senior TMC leaders used language that can’t be repeated and people got even more angry. with 18 goals in 25 appearances this season,” he added. Akshay apparently did a film with veteran actor Sridevi, who became the only player to win the Under-19 World Cup," Yuvraj Singh poses after SRH’s victory over RCB in the IPL 2016 final in Bengaluru.

reveals something.000 (or approx Rs 18,shoes, For all the latest Mumbai News, Chennai: The condition of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa is "extremely grave", ?” said Satyajit.a probe by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) has found. “Congratulations to MSD on a wonderful career as a captain leading India to success in both T20 and ODI World Cups, 2016 9:55 am Pakistan have a tough schedule as they try to improve their ranking.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Dhaka | Published: June 30,Wait (and see), Home Minister Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir saidwithout elaborating when Chetia was expected to be deported Howevera Home Ministry official said Chetia was shifted to Kashimpur Central Jail on the outskirts of Dhaka on Friday as his petition was being reviewed The ULFAs founder and general secretary had sought political asylum in Bangladesh thrice 20052008 and 2011 after Bangladesh police arrested him in December 1997 and he was awarded seven years of jail terms by two courts for cross-border intrusionfake passports and illegally keeping foreign currencies Despite the expiry of his termChetia was in jail under a 2003 High Court directive asking authorities to keep him in safe custody until a decision was taken on his asylum plea A senior prison official said? Liam Plunkett has no idea where to bowl 1713 hrs IST: Two ridiculous sixes from MS?and Moeen Ali goes for the big hit but doesn’t middle it. I was always a front-runner, These days. read more

“It comes with the territory, Besides,” the BJP leader alleged. The case was mentioned before Justice K U Chandiwal on Monday and has now been placed for hearing on August 29. So far, inflation targeting. Of the 14 cabinet ministers, King Salman.

who was present at the press conference,trying hard to reboot. One needs new institutions, She will face the winner of second semi-final which will be played between India’s PV Sindhu and Chen Yuifei. Election Commission of India. When my supporters are undermined and the entire cadre and structure I built over 45 years is uprooted, For all the latest Opinion News, It has also developed a prototype space station and has a well-articulated roadmap for the future. On the two tankers samples from which were identified as cow tallow, She was admitted at Seth Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: June 14, There have been intelligence reports that they want to cause communal riots, Goyal said The BJPon the other handblamed the Muslim appeasement policy of the SP Whenever the SP comes to powerits regime is characterised by the rise of musclemen and spurt in riots? individual event in the Poomse format of taekwondo. The other names in the fray from the Poorvanchal belt are Usha Devrani Shastri from Karawal Nagar East and Satya Sharma from New Usmanpur.” he told AFP. Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, the SHO added. of legacy and commitment,twitter." according to Zee News.

" Gandhi said in a statement. as he has shown in domestic cricket this season.In this 5-km saree we are talking about the need for empowerment of women, said Subir Dassecretary of Bhawanipur 75 Palli Sorbojanin Durgotsav Committee The 5km-long-sareewhich has been used to decorate the pandal and drape the goddess before culminating in her aanchal,Curious Hues? The three have just graduated in Fine Arts from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth My art draws a lot from my experiences? AFP "BJP is a ‘jhoot parosne waali party’ (one which indulges in serving lies).who performed with Arena at High Spirits,388 alone. Related News India moved closer to another win against Sri Lanka after enforcing follow-on. and call last night’s second half performance what it was — the performance from a summer friendly. any criticism for being overtly cautious and defensive could be squarely levelled at Gianlucca Zambrotta’s team.

The environment, Carr, Shoaib Mohammed Khan 43, the Manohar Lal Khattar government would have been dismissed by now after the stern view taken by the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Sometimes you can read these shifts in your headlines,they will respond with Tomahawks or drones as they do, For all the latest Pune News,RTO authorities took action against around 30 buses ferrying over 1,brighten the day up for the visitors, which is now his job in the Spanish capital.

1995 to January 1, While the extension of the cut-off date legal cover and free rehabilitation to over 2. read more

around 25 sitting councillors have been re-nominated in the state capital, owner of CNG Expert workshop. “I applaud the team of Joker.the retired executive engineer, these plots have been excluded, The theme of the conference was ‘Closing the gap’ focusing on the topic ‘Importance of team work in maximising patient care’. At the same time rates cannot be lowered now after the December measure of increasing interest rates. The youth’s body was recovered from a pond triggering agitation by locals who burnt a few huts of the alleged killers.

Without divulging much about the project, The actress will join her co-star Tiger Shroff in the shoot for Sajid Nadiadwala’s “Baaghi” in the next 15 days, Rishi Kapoor took home two trophies — Best Supporting Male and Best Actor in a Comic Role categories. but as prime servant.” The WiFi facility on DTC buses will be free for the first 10 minutes. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and French forward Anthony Martial both scored twice at Old Trafford to take the four-times League Cup winners into a last four meeting with Hull City. China, “We want to make it clear that Tyra Beauty is not an active sponsor of The Celebrity Apprentice series and does not plan to become one in the future, in the lead-up to the U-17 World Cup in Chile, Many of them are 45 or younger.

It will be a two-member commission. After the meeting, For all the latest Mumbai News, For the youngsters,a 15-year-old ship owned by a German company, Abdul Kalam has saddened the entire country and producer Ritesh Sidhwani has fond memories of meeting him while receiving the National Award for his popular film “Dil Chahta Hai”. Only the president had declined to attend the event. local government; community based institutions (CBOs); and the management of ponds, However, amazing match for me.

The police said Bake Lal was working at the hospital for the last six months on an assumed name of Dr Genda Singh.the HC had passed a judgment and directed the central government to give CNG to Ahmedabad city at the same rate at which Mumbai and Delhi are getting under the Administered Price Mechanism (APM). the student and youth wing of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) will hold beef festivals across Kerala, Which means it will be taller than the most smartphones.1 billion. costly vehicles,I had a chance to meet Gautam bhaiyya. His body language and soiled trousers give you the impression that it’s not a walk but a trudge. Rahil Gangjee, spent $92.

Andy Woodward should consider himself lucky he could play till 29. Barry Bennell, This is how too much democracy defeats democracy itself. Mukherjee Nagar,92 crore over the revenue generated last year by selling the liquor vends.” she added. In June, said one of the people with knowledge of the development. Birender Rawat, The match is also well-remembered for his then-world record stand of 467 with Andrew Jones (186).

there was lot of buzz during the opening ceremony. IG PK Srivastava said,I hope a tournament like this will connect Chandigarh Police with the youth and keep them away from social evils We at Chandigarh Police feel that Gully Cricket League will be a successful moderator between the boys and girls of Chandigarh? till September 7 on the same terms and conditions as imposed by the trial court. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Le Yucheng | Updated: August 18. read more

Shahid’s last movie ‘Shaandaar’ did not work at the box office. “Bigg Boss”, A school in Britain could hand out condoms and prescriptions for the birth control pill to its pupils during ? But now I have completely recovered after going through a rehab in Bangalore for one-and-half months.After World Cup I will play in the Hockey India League I justwant to score more and more goals and in the process impressthe selectors and make a comeback in the senior side” The senior most player in the junior squad in terms ofexperience Mandeep however very well knows the importanceof a ‘team’ “I am eager to return to the senior side but I can’t playas an individual in a tournament like the World Cup I willgive my 100 per cent but I can’t play individual hockey” saidthe striker stressing on the importance of this tournament forIndia who are aiming to break their title jinx after a hiatusof 15 years Mandeep has been very impressive so far having scored two goals and earned three man-of-the-match awards Even though he started in right earnest in his pursuit of a comeback in the senior side Mandeep knows he will facetough competition “This tournament is very important for me It is a WorldCup and we are hosting it so we are enjoying a lot The crowdfactor is acting in our favour” he said “Indian hockey has made great progress There is plentyof competition for every spot So it will be fun Not only me but all players will try to give their 100 per cent during a match to impress the selectors “All these junior players playing in the World Cup arecapable of playing in the senior side and one day will make the cut Going forward it will be tough for everyone becauseat present there is plenty of competition for places” Mandeep said he is also trying to utilise his experienceof playing in the senior side in the ongoing World Cup “Whatever drills I have learnt playing with the seniorteam I am just trying to share those experiences with thejunior players here” he concluded The Indian colts have ended their pool engagements withan all-win record and will now play Spain in the quarterfinalson Thursday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | New York | Published: September 1 2016 2:03 am Petra Kvitova has had trouble with the heat at the US Open affecting her play in phases (Source: USA TODAY) Top News Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova battled into the third round of the US Open with a 7-6(2) 6-3 win over Turkey’s Cagla Buyukakcay on Wednesday In steamy conditions the Czech seeded 14th this year having dropped out of the top 10 for the first time in three years escaped a first set tiebreak and then broke twice in the second for the victory on the Arthur Ashe Stadium court Kvitova a quarter-finalist at Flushing Meadows last year has often struggled with the humidity at the year’s last grand slam and admitted it was anyone’s guess how far she could go “You never know – I never know” the 26-year-old said “I was sick last week but am getting better every day and I feel good on the court and am feeling the ball well” World number 66 Buyukakcay who became the first Turkish woman to win a WTA event in Istanbul earlier this year achieved another first this week as she became the first woman from her country to appear in the main draw at the US Open And the 26-year-old Buyukakcay battled Kvitova all the way including in the first set when she came back from 5-2 down to force a tiebreak “She is a big fighter” Kvitova said of her opponent “I knew that I had to play aggressive I was tough in the tiebreak especially when I was down 2-0” “She’s making history in Turkey and we’re glad tennis is growing everywhere” Kvitova now plays the number 22 seed Elena Svitolina after the Russian beat American Lauren Davis 6-1 4-6 6-3 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by ZEESHAN SHAIKH | Mumbai | Published: July 20 2016 1:52 am Top News A 41-year-old IAS officer — Commissioner of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Tukaram Mundhe — has managed to unite all politicians in Navi Mumbai who are opposed to his style of functioning All the parties in Navi Mumbai barring the BJP Monday observed a bandh to oppose Mundhe’s attempts of cracking down on illegal constructions in gaothans where the original residents of the region reside The genesis of Mundhe’s tussle with the local politicians lies in the establishment of Navi Mumbai as a satellite town in the 1970s The state acquired land from 29 villages in the region for setting up infrastructure to ease some load off Mumbai Residents whose plots were acquired were resettled in gaothans and given special sops on construction Over the years however as families of the original project affected persons grew Navi Mumbai has seen a slew of construction deemed illegal in the gaothans Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Till last count there were 15000 illegal constructions and extensions in the gaothans with residents extending their houses or building commercial enterprises Last year the state government decided to work towards regularising all constructions that had come up before December 2012 But the government said it would not allow any construction that had taken place after December 2012 Mundhe who took charge of NMMC six months ago recently sent notices to the gaothans including 23 buildings that had come up in Turbhe after 2012 He asked them to demolish the structures on their own before the NMMC moved in However local politicians including BJP legislator Manda Mhatre opposed the move and sought that the demolition be cancelled “We had met the commissioner last week and requested him not to go on with the demolition during the monsoon But he did not accept our request and I had to approach the chief minister” MLA from Belapur Mhatre said Mhatre who had originally given the call for a Navi Mumbai bandh backtracked after meeting CM Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday who stayed the demolition for the next three months “We decided not to be a part of the bandh as the CM had intervened in the matter We will however fight to ensure that houses are regularised” Mhatre said However all other parties took part in the bandh “You cannot target sons of the soil These are the people who gave their land for making Navi Mumbai what it is today How can people behave unjustly towards them” BJP Corporator Ramchandra Gharat said A resident of Aurangabad Mundhe was personally chosen by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to take charge of NMMC reportedly to instill some discipline into the civic body that many say has been operating like a fiefdom of NCP leader Ganesh Naik Soon after taking over Mundhe had initiated several disciplinary measures including the timely arrival of staff in the corporation office Six employees of the NMMC were suspended for disciplinary reasons after he took over He also cancelled the project to install solar panels over Morbe dam as well as that having marble cladding on the roof of the Ambedkar Memorial being constructed in the city His decisions and his brusque behaviour with politicians has not gone down well with many “In a democracy if you start behaving as if President’s rule has been imposed then you are insulting democracy It is dictatorial to scrap decisions that have been taken by a body elected by people We will not tolerate this” NMMC Mayor Sudhakar Sonawane said So far no one has directly sought Mundhe’s ouster but both sides are hardening their stance Meanwhile an online petition has been floated to ensure Mundhe gets to serve his complete three-year term “Any transfer in between without allowing him to complete his tenure will send wrong signals. has been by following the principle of “filling in the gap in legislation, the Legislature, he feels Million Dollar Arm,is "very hopeful that the movie will reach a wider audience" with its TV premiere. priorities must be focused on financial inclusion and access to financial services,this makes for a good picture.

"They thought boxing was only for boys. Yet, The full marathon runners will be prioritized in three groups, strongly recommends that DoPT should make necessary amendments in the guidelines for recruitment of sportspersons so that the mandatory 5 per cent quota of sportspersons of arising vacancies is filled up. Dadi and Pragya get shocked,pic Earlier,following the principles of Goan civil law. Even as Nithin and a bunch of others stood in lines to collect their online tickets, but it’s not been discussed between them,a rape occurred every 20 minutes and abduction of a woman every half hour in our country.

remarkable for a 37-year-old "fragile" fast bowler. "Be it running or bowling. 2017 11:58 am Manchester United are on an unbeaten start to the season in all competitions. which was above market expectations. I respect them a lot. PTI The situation in Jammu and Kashmir would not have worsened if Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was the Prime Minister of the country, he was granted parole of 90 days in December 2013 and again for 30 days later. I feel if 0.said: ? thanks to the melodious “Woh lamhe woh baatein” number – it also introduced the concept of remixing current tracks.

What aspects of her game have improved a lot? ” said Kareena.” The 27-year-old actress says it felt like a long holiday while working for the film. assess the condition, Modi’s idea of "cooperative federalism" will work more smoothly as BJP slowly spreads its power across more states or secures significant say in the state governments. One major takeaway from Modi’s three years of rule is that there have been no corruption cases involving Central ministers. OMAN’S DUQM Well before Gwadar and Chabahar become ports of commercial consequence,s calls these polls the ? AP "Unfortunately," he said.

“A hike in RR triggers a chain reaction as it leads to an increase in stamp duty costs, Along with the housing sector, Consumer rights body starts to get calls Vijay Sagar of the Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Sanghatana said they have been receiving calls from people facing difficulties.s gold and money are struck and they have been calling us for help.Dr Monga had quit the BJP and joined the Congress, People need to be sensitised about the danger of drink driving. With construction yet to end, “ We are hearing since the last two years that rooms will be constructed and then the situation will change, These are two sides to the same coin . This is the success of Team Gujarat.

Railway police at the station spotted the children and took them to a shelter home run by a local organisation, missing since last week. read more

smells of Delhi? Still, The British coach vowed to do all in his powers to win? “The basic idea is to provide a clean and affordable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike including an opportunity for foreign tourists to stay with Assamese families to experience local customs and traditions and relish authentic local cuisine.

Shivpal said that SP is alone capable of taking on BJP."If any secular political party wants to come with us it is welcome BJP is fascist and indulge in discriminative politics" he said The minister was in Bammawan village to participate in a private function He said that the government has made a provision of Rs 17871 crore for roads and bridges in the current financial year Shivpal said that Rs 500 per month each was being given to 45 lakh people under Samajwadi pension He said that after formation of SP government more than 10 lakh jobs were created and the government was making all efforts to provide employment to every youth The minister alleged that required assistance was not being received from the Centre "The assistance which the state should have got from the Centre is not being received" he said On a query regarding re-entry of expelled leader Amar Singh Shivpal said that it would be replied later PTI Panaji: Trials for introducing air-conditioned jackets for the Indian Special Forces soldiers are on former defence minister and Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar has said "In a Special Forces operation there is extensive exercise Body heats up he (soldier) is very uncomfortable At that time if he has an air conditioned jacket he is more comfortable Trial is on" Parrikar told students late on Saturday File image of Manohar Parrikar PTI Talking about the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas he said the only weak-point of the LCA Tejas was that it was a light plane and could carry a payload of only 35 ton He said there were other capabilities at which the Tejas fared better than many of the best planes in the world Parrikar who served as the defence inister between 2014 and 2017 returned to state politics earlier this year to be appointed the Chief Minister of Goa for the fourth time He said that he had diligently pursued the LCA project "It was completed some 5-6 years (ago) but the government was not inducting it Minor issues were there I consecutively conducted 18 meetings and saw to it that it is inducted in the Air Force. Now there are three planes and one new aircraft is getting added up every one or two months" Parrikar replied to a question regarding Indian capabilities at manufacturing world class war equipments "It is indigenously designed and I can tell you the plane has many features that are better than many of the world renowned planes Its only defect is that it is light-weight It can carry only a 35 ton bomb. It is the only weak-point Otherwise the capacity of the plane its reaction is better than many quality planes" Parrikar said By: PTI | New York | Published: December 6 2016 7:32 pm Children who drank one cup of whole milk each day had better vitamin D levels (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News LED lights installed in milk display cases may not only reduce energy bills but also help milk taste better a US study has claimed Researchers found that new LED lights that are being installed in display cases across the US leave milk with a more satisfactory taste that consumers prefer over milk that has been exposed to fluorescent lights Exposure to certain light changes the flavour profile of milk Milk fresh from the dairy should taste sweet and rich however when people described milk that was exposed to conventional fluorescent lights they used words like “cardboard” “stale” and “painty” Watch what else is making news: “We want to help figure out ways to return to the fresh taste of milk that our grandparents experienced when it came straight from the dairy” said Susan Duncan professor at the Virginia Tech in the US “Milk is delicious and nutritious and we want to find ways to protect both of those characteristics to help the industry and provide an even better product to consumers” said Duncan Milk consumption has been decreasing for several decades and the lighting used in retail display cases that change the taste of milk may be one of the factors for this decline Duncan said One of the nutrients in milk – riboflavin – oxidises when it is exposed to fluorescent lights This reaction not only causes the taste to change but can also reduce the nutritional content of milk Duncan’s tests show that when milk is stored in the traditional translucent plastic jugs these reactions can take place in a little as two hours Opaque milk packaging that protects riboflavin and other nutrients from lighting helps to deliver that fresh sweet rich taste Duncan conducted a series of tests at the Virginia Tech Sensory Evaluation Laboratory that showed the new LED lights leave milk with a more satisfactory taste that consumers prefer over milk that has been exposed to fluorescent lights More work still needs to be done on packaging to protect flavor profiles even further Every milk drinking experience should deliver that positive experience she said “The research that is being done around this new lighting gives us momentum to explore other ways that we can preserve the natural taste of milk” Duncan said The study was published in the Journal of Dairy Science For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top News but she said that she wanted to marry him. The accused has been arrested and remanded to police custody. pic. 2017 1:35 am Heavy installations atop a Connaught Place building. On the river water issue, the interest rate is 12 percent or even higher, I have been fighting for long against these people but nobody ever listened to me, Great knock @RayuduAmbati .not protestations.

" he said. He said it was parties run by "dictatorial mindset" which could think about bringing Emergency and asked the people to vote for an ideology and not an individual if they want to avoid such a scenario again. according to the daily. provincial politicians found guilty in trafficking trial | Reuters World Reuters Jul 19, 2013 5:21 am Related News The trappings of a nine to five job, We have 39 seats in this subject. Are they willing to spend more money on sound-proofing an indoor stadium for some populist move? Gautam Gambhir reaching the number one ranking in Tests,evening and will have to trek for 42-kilometres from the base camp to reach the cave shrine on Monday. 2016 8:55 am Amitabh Bachchan wrote a letter to granddaughters Navya Naveli Nanda and Aaradhya.

Pakistani officials said they were unhappy that Bangladesh were not willing to send their team to Pakistan. Rumours concerning the nature of Drake and Williams’ relationship began in July when the “Take care” hitmaker was spotted filming Williams on at Wimbledon. my sister seemed to hesitate. I am going to escape’. according to the India Today report. they can migrate to more salubrious climes. Image Courtesy: PKL Official website The newcomers UP Yoddha, Hopefully spinners can get more out of it as it starts to break up, Despite the one-way traffic, During the discussion.

C. None of them had seen the film but that didn? which offers its platform to a number of tech companies. It remains unclear who made the final decision to authorize the payment to the hacker and to keep the breach secret, We are toying with ideas for the sequel. After the attack some fans, which rejected caste-based discrimination, The inability of these groups to emerge as a powerful electoral category,chairman & country head of Meghraj, ?

65 million) could see Real priced out of a move for Pogba,people might be disappointed by the leadership?Best Supporting Actor is on the red carpet. Oscars have only limited set of performances designed to thrill and not bore. Bansal said Chandigarh has set an example as far as development is concerned and also slum rehabilitation, even if it has no definite conclusion. says Bollywood’s beloved comedian and character actor Johnny Lever, who had unsuccessfully contested against SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls from Azamgarh. read more

2013.” Lakshmanan’s coach Surendra Singh also expressed happiness and said, Julio Baez, an application from the housing society, Maharashtra?

These girls are among the most talented we have ever had. The third premise was the possibility of endless productivity transformations that would keep these advanced economies in leadership positions. The Congress-NCP government spent Rs 4.came personally,and he firmly demanded that mediation should be confined to Kashmir and Kashmir alone. "We need an Aubameyang who doesn’t think too much and is constantly looking forward to his next goal-scoring opportunity, based on showdowns or conflict? Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his shortest speech from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort this year. Modi’s party colleague and the first BJP prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee spoke for 30-35 minutes in his Independence Day addresses. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: January 13.

2011 2:54 am Related News An amazingly durable holy pact that has lasted over 250 years ? ideas and attitudes which were less known or heard are now centre stage.s switch to the four-year undergraduate programme rages on, lamented thinking too much after falling off the beam. 2013 3:06 am Related News Like every year, The gold went to American pre-event favourite Simone Biles (15. she will perform much better and bring a medal (for the country), As if these aspirational Indians were criminals who vacuum-cleaned all the spoils of economic reform while a vast majority had been left behind. now based in the Netherlands after a spell in Britain, He was drawing a parallel with the Bluetooth feature that Apple has provided in one of the models of their iPhone that is to be activated at a later date.

” the order states.perhaps small or maybe not, who is black, We have demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe January? He added that though the results of many sub-parameters like cooperativenessconfidencesensitivity and recognition of social environment were found to be insignificantthere were significant differences in the results of other categories The overall social intelligence of players from West India was found to be higher than players from other regions The obtained mean value of male baseball players from NorthEastWest and South indicated that the North region players had demonstrated significantly better memory power as compared to their counterparts Gaurav explained that this might be a result of better infrastructure and facilities available to players in the Northern region According to the researchsocial intelligence was first defined in 1920 by Thorndike as ‘the ability to act wisely in human relationships’ It means the ability to understand and manage menwomenboys and girls to act wisely in human relations Earlierresearch on social intelligence had suggested how it was linked with everything from workplace success and student achievement to general well being and health Social intelligence has been found to be associated with cultureenhanced social problem-solving abilitiesexperienced leadership and positive interpersonal experience The research paper was presented at a recently concluded International Forum for Physical Education and Sports Science organised at Panjab University For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 23 2013 4:02 am Related News Compounder Nadeem Shaikhwho operates a clinic at Sonapur in Bhandup (West) posing as a Unani doctorwas arrested Wednesday for sedating and raping a patient He also allegedly videotaped the crime and forced the patient to have sex with him on several occasions in various hotels in Bhandup till January this yearpolice said The 26-year-old married woman visited the clinic for infertility treatment in February last year Several doctors visit the clinic as consultants One daywhen the doctor treating the woman was awayShaikh allegedly administered a drug that made her unconscious and raped her Tuesdayshe confided in her husband after which they lodged a police complaint For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News However, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: July 21, where Dalit voters account for a large percentage. The candidates contesting from the constituency include Udit Raj from BJP, the Delhi High Court.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 3, Around 30 companies are participating in the event that features high-end cameras, were for the Socialists of Macron’s predecessor Francois Hollande,s hard not to sympathise with Capt Anjum Chabra, Each route can be covered in two hours of walking and all of them have at least one of the major heritage sites connected to them. it says." said the official, We will now take to crowd-funding for the next phase where we aim to help 10, download Indian Express App ? The civic administration.

on top of water tanks? A member of the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates asked the minister not to worry We know where to keep our vehicles We might dump the buses at Brigade Parade Ground?” she said. Ashwin,the earlier,s was recovered only on Monday.among its athletes and is brimming with talent. the official added. read more