Douglas seeks FY10 compromise with Vermont state workers to prevent layoffs

first_imgThe Douglas Administration today announced that they would seek two furlough days and five unpaid holidays as a means to find $7.4 million in labor savings as directed by the Legislature s Joint Fiscal Committee.  This proposal is an effort to reach a compromise on labor savings and avoid reductions in force at this time.  To find middle ground, the offer today does not include a FY 2010 pay reduction as did prior Administration offers and relies on furlough days and unpaid holidays, which are temporary savings that complicate budget problems in coming fiscal years.  Last week, the union offered a similar plan of four furlough days and four unpaid holidays plus eliminating a wellness program to achieve a similar level of savings. The state had set a deadline of September 18 to avoid about 200 more layoffs.  However, the offer does require the Vermont State Employees Association (VSEA) to agree to find long-term savings, which are essential, the Administration maintains, to bend the curve on labor costs and fill a more than $200 million budget gap for FY 2011 and FY 2012.  This proposal is a big step for the Administration in our efforts to reach a compromise that prevents the need to make reductions in the state workforce at this time, said Secretary of Administration Neale Lunderville.  It is now up to VSEA to decide if they are willing to compromise with us and work to find long-term sustainable labor savings over the next two years.For its part, the VSEA feels that tying strings to this year’s deal with negotiations for a new, two-year contract through 2012 complicates the issue at what is becoming a last-minute situation.  I guess the governor s representatives weren t listening last week when several JFC members reminded them that the committee s request was to find $7.4 million in FY 2010 savings, said VSEA Director Jes Kraus. VSEA members did just that, but today the Governor polluted the VSEA members good-faith offer by insisting that any savings for FY2010 be tied to specific wage reductions in FY2011 and FY2012. The State s new counter offer completely ignores the JFC s instructions to find savings for FY2010 only. Kraus added that VSEA believes the Douglas Administration is intent on ignoring the directive of the Joint Fiscal Committee to find a short-term fix to avoid hundreds of layoffs this Friday.  The Administration is looking at cutting payroll $16.1 million for FY2011 and $21.9 million in FY2012 to help thwart that potential $200 million budget deficit.The Administration pointed out that over the last two fiscal years, in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, state employees have enjoyed on average a 7.0% pay increase at a time when state revenues are declining and thousands of private sector employees have been laid-off or had their wages cut.  Many elected officials and Administration appointees have already seen a 5% pay cut as well as a salary freeze since July 1, 2008. This level of growth we have seen in labor costs is simply unrealistic and unsustainable, Lunderville continued.  Our fiscal challenges demand difficult choices, not more quick fixes.  The Administration is willing to make a short-term deal only if we have a commitment for real and long-term savings next year. This compromise offer is fair in the short-run and responsible for the long-run, Lunderville concluded.  It acknowledges the challenges ahead while avoiding layoffs in the near-term.The details of the offer:Applying two furlough days in FY 10: $1.9 millionAccepting five unpaid holidays in FY10: $3.7 millionUsing projected surplus in state medical plan: $1.7 millionEliminating tuition reimbursement: $0.1 millionTotal: $7.4 million (all $GF)Also:The Administration will not seek additional layoffs if November 2009 consensus revenue forecast declines not more than $14 million. The Administration retains rights to reduce workforce under normal stipulated conditions.Both parties will agree to sustainable labor cost savings as part of their FY 2011 & FY 2012 agreements to produce $16.1 million and $21.9 million in savings, respectively. Discussions between the Administration and the VSEA are expected to continue throughout the week.Source: Douglas Administration. 9.14.2009last_img read more

Festival Recap: Mountain Town Music Festival

first_imgWe absolutely can’t believe it, but the summer portion of the tour for 2018 has come to a close. It’s been a great summer full of new adventures, old friends and countless good times. From the wet, hard to reach, Wind River Range in Wyoming, to the arid and hot desert of Taos, New Mexico – We squeezed every last ounce of adventure out of our summer. We’re sad to see it go, but we’re looking forward to everything we have ahead of us. Over the weekend, we enjoyed the last of our summer tour at the Mountain Town Music Festival at Keystone Ski Resort in Keystone, Colorado.It was a fitting way to bring our summer to a close. Keystone is just minutes down the road from where we spent our winter in Silverthorn, Colorado. We consider Keystone one of our “home mountains,” so it was nice to be back before we headed East. It’s that time of the year when it still feels like Summer when the sun is shining, but the second it dips behind the clouds and you feel a slight breeze you could swear Fall is in full swing. We flip-flopped from Summer to Fall several times throughout the day but we were lucky to stay dry despite a few showers rolling through.The Mountain Town Music Festival is situated right in the center of River Run Village near the gondola at the base of Dercum Mountain. While the excellent music lineup of both local and national acts is the main draw of the festival, there were plenty of other activities to take part in as well. The village was packed with local food vendors who were dishing out samples of some of their favorite entries. Elk and Palisade peaches, two Colorado staples, were a theme in the village. It seemed that almost every vendor was using the ingredients in one way or another. There was even a local farmers market selling the always delicious Colorado Palisade peach.If you were there, you couldn’t have missed our van. We had a prime spot near the main stage where we spent our day talking to folks and preparing for our last raffle of the summer. Our van even provided some welcome shade to many guests who brought their own chairs and settled in for a great day of live music. Our raffle was a huge success as it felt almost everyone in the festival signed up to win some awesome gear.We enjoyed this festival because of the killer tunes, tasty food, and a relaxed atmosphere. Keystone hosts many of these festivals throughout the year and if you are in the area, it’s definitely worth stopping by to check one out.For now, we are headed east to the Blue Ridge Mountains to pick up the Fall portion of our tour. Even as we write this we are en route to Lockn’ Festival in Arrington, Virginia. Will you be there? If so, come say hi! See you soon Blue Ridge!There is one way for this tour to be a reality, our sponsors! Sending a thank you shout out to our title sponsor Nite Ize, and all of our other awesome sponsors that make this happen: Crazy Creek, National Geographic, Sea to Summit, Mountain House, Lowe Alpine, Old Town, Leki, HydraPak, UCO Gear and Wenzel. If you like the gear that keeps us groovin’ click here to enter for a chance to winlast_img read more

Agile credit union websites are the new norm

first_imgIf you categorize website functionality using the crawl, walk, run framework, the types of features that fit into each of those stages have changed significantly in the last handful of years. While strategically placed call-to-action buttons in the latest ‘must-click’ color and mobile responsiveness were considered “run” stage features not too long ago, they’re now “walk” level functions at best. At this point in the digital evolution of online banking, your CU website should be working harder for you, offering far more value than simply looking good on a mobile device.Your institution’s website needs to be an agile digital asset that delivers a unique, individualized, value-added experience for each of your members or potential new members. If it’s not your largest fully functioning branch, top sales producer, and the premier face of your credit union you should consider these three areas for improvement. 1. Online Account Opening and Loan ApplicationsIt’s probably no surprise this is the first item on the list. Today’s consumer considers mobile friendly online applications a basic standard, not a “cool” new feature. Mobile applications are now a ‘walk’ stage website must-have, not a fancy feature people are willing to live without if necessary. If your website still doesn’t offer online applications, you’re very much still in the ‘crawl stage’ of website functionality. It’s time to prioritize these upgrades ASAP.Keeping your online applications front and center is also important. If you have more than one vendor for your applications, keep them organized in your mega menu, making the option to ‘Open an Account’ or ‘Apply for a Loan’ the first choice in the menu dropdown for each line of business.If you’re severely limited by third-party technology and stipulations from contracts signed years ago, aim for some simple quick wins with your vendor to ensure your application works well on mobile devices. If they can’t handle basic requests to remove friction in the application process across devices, it may be time for a new vendor. 2. Dynamic ContentIn a 2019 redesign of their website, America’s Credit Union integrated multiple pieces of dynamic content on their homepage. Not only does the homepage hero image and text change based on the user’s known details and past visits to the website, other modules change based on information the credit union already has about the visitor. For example, if a visitor recently visited the Credit Card page, they’ll see a homepage banner with the same graphic from the Credit Card page and an enticing banner text if they revisit the site within a week.And, if you’re in their contact database and haven’t been on a key product page recently, they’ll be sure to grab your attention with a personalized banner for their most recent product promotion.Beyond the homepage hero customization, ACU also changes the on-page modules based on membership status and other variables. For example, a non-member will see this module right below the homepage banner:While a member will instead see the following content:Through individualized messaging and graphics, ACU’s website is working 24/7 to deepen relationships by offering relevant, personalized, and timely information to visitors. This level of customization is also becoming the new norm. If your site doesn’t offer custom content, there’s no time like the present to get cracking on those new features.3. Dynamic Campaigns Driven by User BehaviorStaying with the America’s Credit Union example, their website is also running automated marketing campaigns to every contact in their CRM (customer relationship management) tool based on website behavior. The contact receives an email within 20 minutes of a site visit about the product or service page they just visited. These emails are restricted to one per product, per week, and can never be sent twice for the same product line to ensure they maintain a pleasant experience.There may have been a time people considered this behavior to be “creepy” or “stalkerish,” but today’s consumer expects it. ACU has experienced a 37.5% open rate and a 25% click through rate with the emails they send after a contact visits their Auto Loan page. Furthermore, there have been 0 unsubscribes and 0 SPAM reports from this email!Your website should be working in conjunction with a robust CRM tool to deliver value-added messaging that builds trust and deepens relationships. Having your website and CRM on the same software platform helps significantly.There are many, many other elements to building an agile website. Be mindful that one function that should be considered a standard across all sites is ADA compliance. If you’re building a new website in the near future, go beyond the ‘crawl’ stage of building an aesthetically pleasing desktop page that scales well on mobile. Build at least a ‘walk’ stage agile site that meets todays consumer’s basic expectations.Want to discover more about how to keep your digital efforts current? Visit the FI GROW Blog today. We can also help you through any website redesign so feel free to visit our website to learn more about how we can help! 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Penne D. VanderBush With over 10 years of experience in financial industry marketing, and former VP of Marketing for the largest state-chartered credit union in Vermont, Penne joined the FI GROW Solutions team … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Hotel Ambasador and Villa Ambasador in Opatija will be merged into one facility

first_imgThe opening of the Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador is especially expected, which will be completely renovated and will offer the highest level of services and facilities with a 5-star standard, and the big news is that from now on Hotel Ambasador and Villa Ambasador will be merged into one facility. As the main reason for the merger, Remisens points out that they directly respond to market demands. ” Combining the romantic and private atmosphere of Villa Ambasador with the stunning ambience of Hotel Ambasador, we will offer our guests an even better holiday experience with a wide variety of services and facilities. ”States from Remisens. It is an investment of 120 million kuna, and the opening is planned for June this year. As many as three hotels within Remisens in Opatija are being arranged for the new tourist season in 2019. Hotel Ambasador in Opatija (5 *) offers 243 spacious, luxuriously furnished rooms and suites, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, top restaurants, a lounge bar and an original spa experience. . The complete renovation of the building (rooms, restaurant, lobby, reception, facade and atrium) in 2019 will be experienced by Hotel Marina in Mošćenička Draga, as well as Remisens Hotel Admiral (4 *), which will present its guests in 2019 with a thorough by renovating the interior and exterior. Also, the Smart Selection Hotel Mediteran in Medveja in 2019 will be renovated after investments that include: complete renovation of rooms, lobby and restaurants.last_img read more

Curious onlookers flock to closed US consulate in China

first_imgAn attempt to pry the main plaque from the wall of the shuttered consulate with a crowbar, hammer and chisel failed.Beijing hadn’t given a date for the consulate’s closure, but on Saturday most of the insignia were stripped from the building.  Large numbers of police kept them from getting too close and put a quick stop to any provocative gestures or obvious signs of joy as the Americans left.One passerby launched into a nationalist chant and was quickly silenced, according to a video posted on social media.AFP journalists saw security confiscate a banner. The measures however didn’t stop a local draping a huge Chinese flag from his balcony and shouting “China” into the street.Boos also went up when a bus with tinted windows left the building on Sunday. Topics : Taking selfies and waving Chinese flags curious locals flocked to the US consulate in Chengdu Sunday as officials prepared to remove its official plaque just days after Washington and Beijing ordered each other to close one of their diplomatic missions.Tensions between the two countries over trade and the coronavirus rose another notch on Tuesday when the US ordered China’s consulate in Texas closed, saying it was a hub of espionage and intellectual property theft.On Sunday a constant stream of onlookers in the city of 16.5 million people flowed past the consulate, many taking photos. Necessary responseThe US has an embassy in Beijing as well as five consulates in mainland China — including the one in Chengdu — plus one in Hong Kong.The Chengdu consulate covered the country’s southwest, including — notably — Tibet. Many Tibetans accuse the central government of religious repression and eroding their culture.Shutting down the consulate, the foreign ministry said Friday, was a “legitimate and necessary response to the unreasonable measures by the United States”.”Some personnel at the US consulate in Chengdu were engaged in activities outside of their capacity, interfered in China’s internal affairs, and endangered China’s security and interests,” spokesman Wang Wenbin said.In 2013, China demanded the US provide an explanation for a spying program after news reports said a top-secret map leaked by fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden showed surveillance facilities at US embassies and consulates worldwide — with the Chengdu consulate among them.Chinese nationalists had called for a more strident response from the authorities however — the closure of the US consulate in Hong Kong, a move that would have further hiked tensions.The semi-autonomous city saw large, rolling pro-democracy protests last year and Beijing has frequently said it suspects the US of being behind the unrest.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday the Chinese consulate in Houston was a “hub of spying and intellectual property theft”.The fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is a major global center for medical and biological research.Washington officials said attempts to steal secrets in those fields had grown too numerous to ignore.last_img read more

Accreditation opens for 2020 FIBA OQT

first_imgRelatedPosts FUOYE gets NUC’s accreditation for its courses Okorocha denied accreditation, access into National Assembly The Federation of International Basketball Federation has commenced the accreditation process for sports journalists interested in covering the 2020 Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament in Belgrade, Serbia. According to a release from FIBA Media department, the accreditation process, which started on December 23, 2019, will end on January 9, 2020. “All media representatives wishing to attend the event are kindly asked to apply through the FIBA Media Portal to complete their applications,” a statement on Saturday said. Existing members/applicants are required to complete all steps and fields while intending new members must create a profile to enable them apply for accreditation. Due to the working relationship between FIBA and the Serbian government, all journalists who may need Visa Invitation Letter should indicate in the box provided after filling necessary information in the MY VISA INFORMATION tab provided in your media profile.Tags: 2020 FIBA OQTAccreditationSerbian Governmentlast_img read more

Amazon warriors remain unbeaten

first_imgGUYANA Amazon Warriors opened a three-point lead at the top of the 2019 Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) table as they extended their perfect start to the season to six matches and guaranteed a playoff spot with a rain-affected victory over Barbados Tridents at the Kensington Oval.The Warriors dismissed the Tridents for just 138 with Chris Green taking the last four wickets to fall and conceding just 14 runs in his 3.2 overs; they then reached 77/2 after 10 overs of the run-chase when heavy rain held up play for an hour. When play resumed, the Warriors’ target of 62 from the last 60 balls had been reduced to 20 from 24.They added four in the 11th over before the rain returned again to finish things off with the Warriors 81/2 and still comfortably clear of a DLS par score of 69.The one over possible after the initial rain delay did at least allow Brandon King to complete a fine half-century, having been left stranded on 49 not out when the players had first left the field.He and Chandrapaul Hemraj had been watchful at the start of the Warriors’ initial pursuit of 139 for victory but still took the score past 50 in the Powerplay as King, in particular, began to cut loose.King took Ashley Nurse for 10 in two balls as the spinner’s first over leaked 15 runs, while King smashed his second Hero Maximum from the final ball of the sixth over as Jason Holder dropped short.Brandon King of Guyana Amazon Warriors hits 6 during match 19 of the Hero Caribbean Premier League between Barbados Tridents and Guyana Amazon Warriors at Kensington Oval on September 22, 2019 in Bridgetown, Barbados. (Photo by Randy Brooks – CPL T20/Getty Images)That took the total and partnership to 52 before Nurse’s problems continued in the field as he put down a simple chance offered by King on 30. Two balls later, King planted his third six of the night over midwicket.There was some respite for the Tridents when Hemraj chipped a return catch to Sandeep Lamichhane for 20 and Shimron Hetmyer was very smartly caught and bowled by JP Duminy for just 2 but by then the required rate was already down to just a run a ball.King continued to impress, taking Lamichhane for back-to-back boundaries to end the tenth over and, as it turned out, the contest, as initial drizzle turned quickly into something more substantial.With 77/2 on the board, the Warriors were 16 ahead of the DLS par score of 61, with the only minor disappointment for them being King left stranded one short of a half-century on 49* from 30 balls. Something he rectified when they returned to the field.Earlier, The Tridents lost regular wickets throughout a rather frenetic innings, which meant even when the run-rate was healthy – 63 runs came in the six-over Powerplay at the top of the innings – their position was always fragile.Unsurprisingly, the run-rate slowed as the hosts were forced to keep one eye on their wickets in hand.And even that approach didn’t work out in the end; Green taking the last four wickets of the innings to leave the Tridents well short.The tone was set in the very first over, a slightly wild effort from Keemo Paul that brought 17 runs, but also the crucial wicket of Johnson Charles as he sliced a wide ball all the way to Imran Tahir at third-man.Justin Greaves, so impressive on debut, got a couple of good-looking boundaries away but holed out off Romario Shepherd for 11. That too was a recurring theme. Alex Hales looked good for his 24 before picking out deep midwicket from the first ball of Tahir’s second over, while Jason Holder, Leniko Boucher, Raymon Reifer and Lamichhane all fell going for big shots early in their innings.Even Duminy, who held the whole thing together with a 32-ball 38 featuring two fours and two Hero Maximums, was caught in the deep attempting to pull Green over square-leg.Jonathan Carter was undone by a fine leg-break from Tahir, lbw after a lengthy deliberation from the umpire, while Nurse was smartly stumped by Nicholas Pooran to help Green on his way to figures of 4/14.That represented the second-best bowling return of the 2019 Hero CPL – only Green’s team-mate Shepherd has done better, with 4/13 against these same opponents in Match Six.last_img read more

USG to vote on budget that is still in flux

first_imgThe budget the Undergraduate Student Government senators will vote on tonight is about $25,000 different from one proposed last week.When USG officers drew up their proposed budget for next year, they operated under the assumption that they’d be receiving $86,000 from the carry-over account — money left over from the administration from two years ago.Instead, USG was informed last week that it would only be receiving $61,000, forcing the Allocations Committee to shave $25,000 from the budget, according to USG Treasurer Brian Anderson.As usual, a university-hired accountant was tasked with calculating how much money USG would receive from the carry-over fund. The Allocations Committee had requested the information a week before the budget was due, but they did not hear back until the morning of the day the budget was presented to the Senate. Because they did not have time to account for the changes, USG officers chose to present their original budget but explain the circumstances.“We knew that we could present the budget, explain it to the senators and then, once changes were made, present it later on,” Anderson said. “We told the senators Tuesday morning that it would be changed.”The budget USG had hoped to enact made many adjustments to the previous administration’s budget.Senate allocations, money that senators use for their projects, was decreased 54 percent in USG’s proposed budget, falling from $22,620.13 last year to $10,497.70. This decrease was planned because President Chris Cheng and Vice President Nehi Ogbevoen thought the money would be better spent in other places.Another area that was also set to decrease was the administration portion of Program Board. Because Program Board and the Executive Cabinet will be sharing an office next year, and as such can share equipment and administrative expenses, 14 percent of last year’s Program Board Administration funding would have been transferred to the Executive Cabinet Administration.The development portion of Executive Cabinet allocations, which is used for retreats and dinners with administrators, would also have received an 8 percent decrease from the old budget. “Now that we have the new campus center, we’ll be able to hold Campus Partners dinners there, again, saving money,” Cheng said.Though the proposed budget showed a 30 percent increase in funding for legal services, the costs are actually the same as they were in last year’s budget — the apparent change is the result of a reporting error by USG.“We found that the legal services was a valuable resource to students,” Cheng said. “Last year, it was reported wrong and never corrected.”The executive/legislative portion of the Executive Cabinet allocations would have seen an 11 percent increase under the proposed budget. Cheng and Ogbevoen had planned this raise because they wanted to give the various directors more money for advocacy projects.Public Relations, on the other hand, was slated for a 14 percent decrease. “They had a lot of money left over this year,” Cheng said. “We want to focus more on manpower instead of buying a lot of gear … We decided to reallocate it where it could be better used.”Under Funding Board allocations, the proposed budget also included a 2 percent increase for the Discretionary Funding Board, which is the body in charge of distributing money to student groups.“This money goes directly back to students,” Cheng said. “It’s a straight avenue for student organizations to apply for and use for their own events.”There also would have been several changes to Program Board, such as a 25 percent increase for the Performing Arts Committee and a 6 percent increase for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Assembly.USG had proposed these changes in hopes of making things run more efficiently and effectively. But without the extra $25,000 the officers believed they would receive, USG will be forced to strike these changes from the budget and revert to the last administration’s budget.There is still hope, however.USG is waiting to hear whether the Board of Trustees will approve its proposed $1 increase to the Student Programming fee. If it is approved, USG will receive $30,000 dollars, which will more than compensate for the $25,000 cut. This decision, however, will not be made until the summer.“Right now, we’re operating on the budget with the money from the carry-over account,” Anderson said. “This will allow USG and Program Board to start planning their year and all the programming they want to do.”Even if they are forced to use the old budget, Ogbevoen said he doesn’t think it will be a problem.“USG and Program Board have consistently done a good job,” Ogbevoen said. “We really are excited that we have a new team, new energy, new passion, new ideas, and even with this budget, we will still be able to do all the great activities, performances and fund student organizations like we’ve always done.”last_img read more

Determined to walk into a scholarship

first_imgIn the middle of a team meeting on Aug. 20, USC coach Lane Kiffin paused to scold junior wide receiver Robbie Boyer and sophomore linebacker Will Andrew for dozing off. Kiffin then instructed them to stand against the auditorium wall until further notice.Stunned, the two walk-ons feared what would come next.Perseverance · Redshirt junior wide receiver Robbie Boyer has played in three games in two seasons. He will serve as a back-up at flanker this fall. – Photo courtesy of USC Sports information“For some reason, he thought I was asleep,” Andrew said. “He asked me if I was bored. I was really embarrassed. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t be asleep in a meeting.”That’s when Kiffin could no longer maintain the farce.“It was pretty crazy,” Boyer said. “He had some choice words for us. Then, towards the end of the meeting, he said that ‘anyone standing in this room right now is on full-scholarship.’ Everyone started cheering for us.”Exiting high school, Boyer and Andrew were assigned only two stars between them by most recruiting services — both of which belonged to Boyer. On a roster laden with four- and five-star recruits, Boyer and Andrew combined amounted to essentially half of a prototypical USC recruit. Both were tagged as undersized players whose instincts and fundamentals allowed them to perform past their measurable athletic skills. Consequently, most scouts assumed Boyer and Andrew had plateaued.Boyer, the cousin of junior quarterback Matt Barkley, starred for the storied USC pipeline Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif., hauling in 57 receptions for 1,033 yards and 14 touchdowns as a senior in 2007. Possessing a sterling GPA, he drew interest from many universities’ football programs, including Harvard, but ultimately decided to enroll as a preferred walk-on at USC because of his comfort with the university. After redshirting in 2008, he has seen limited action in the last two years and has yet to record a reception.Andrew, a defensive end at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, Calif., recorded 75 tackles, seven sacks and two fumble recoveries as a 2008 All-Sunset League first-team player, while also posting a strong GPA. Considered undersized and a step slower, he was not on many teams’ radars as a zero-star recruit, but did receive an offer to play at the University of San Diego and invitations to walk on at several Pac-10 universities. Last season, Andrew appeared in three games and registered two assisted tackles against California.“I wasn’t really heavily recruited, but I always wanted to play college football,” Andrew said. “I looked at my options to see which places I could walk on. The University of San Diego wanted me, but I wasn’t all that interested. I always wanted to go to USC, and I didn’t want to have any regrets about not giving it a shot.”Though these scholarships were long in the offing, as this past spring Kiffin came to rely on Boyer and Andrew to play meaningful snaps during practice often with and against first-stringers, neither player has the inside track to stardom quite yet.Their roles have diminished a little this fall as expected, with talented true freshmen arriving on campus and other injured players taking advantage of the summer break to recuperate fully. In addition, both of their scholarships, as with all scholarships, are guaranteed only through this school year and will be reevaluated at the end of the season.Both players, therefore, are realistic in their expectations for this season in terms of playing time, but also realize the importance of continued optimism and diligence.“I’m comfortable doing whatever the team needs,” Boyer said. “I know my plays, and I know how to run routes. I’m one of the smarter receivers, I think.”Andrew shares a similar outlook.“I’m trying to get in on special teams too, but I’m just working hard to see where I can get in and just staying prepared,” Andrew said.It has been difficult to ignore either during fall camp. Boyer is slippery, able to elude defenders and reel in tough catches over the middle. Similarly, Andrew appears to command the defense well, doling out coverage assignments with ease.last_img read more

Betway makes key additions to Aintree partnership

first_img StumbleUpon Related Articles Share Betway and Dafabet grow La Liga sponsorship portfolios August 14, 2020 Share ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020 Submit Real Betis selects Betway as its official shirt sponsor August 10, 2020 Alan Alger – BetwayOnline bookmaker Betway continues to expand its racing sponsorship portfolio confirming that it will sponsor this weekend’s Aintree ‘Many Clouds Chase’ and ‘Grand Sefton Handicap’ fixtures.The betting group has been a principal sponsor at the Merseyside track since signing a deal to sponsor the Grand National meeting starting in 2017, and the latest agreement will see Betway take on two more significant races as the National Hunt racing calendar closes.Betway Racing Spokesman Alan Alger said: “We’re delighted to be extending our sponsorship at Aintree where, for the past two seasons, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being the official betting partner of the Randox Health Grand National Festival.“Aintree offers top quality racing throughout the jumps season and this Saturday’s Betway Many Clouds Chase and Betway Grand Sefton Handicap Chase both look like being brilliant contests.”John Baker, Aintree Racecourse Managing Director, said: “Betway are long-standing partners of the Randox Health Grand National and we’re delighted that they are to sponsor on such a key date in the lead up to next year’s festival.“Sponsoring two key races in the Betway Many Clouds, where 2017 Randox Health Grand National winner One For Arthur is set to make his comeback, and the Betway Grand Sefton Handicap Steeple Chase, which will see horses take on those iconic National fences, Betway are affirming their commitment to Aintree, home of the World’s Greatest Steeple Chase.”last_img read more