Rabat – Lyon police reported on Wednesday that they have arrested a man of Moroccan origin accused of stealing the money raised from the faithful in mosques in France for 4 years.The Moroccan man, 41, who has previously been sentenced to a year in prison in Riom in Puy-de-Dôme for 13 burglaries, was accused of 77 more counts of theft in mosques all over the Republic.According to the Dna.fr, the man has been moving from city to city visiting mosques and other Islamic associations to steal donations. Originally arrested because of train fines, his DNA samples, his telephone data, and his train fines have helped to charge him with 64 extra thefts carried out all over France.A police source said that the man has stolen several thousand euros from the contributions of the worshipers at various Mosques.“He got the money collected from the faithful. In total, he stole several thousand euros,” said a police source.The accused, who denied the allegations, was presented to the public prosecutor on Wednesday.Like in every place of worship, Muslims tend to collect money from worshipers to provide for the demands of the mosque and keep it clean and equipped. read more