On Wednesday, June 27 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., the annual emergency management plan training exercise will be occurring at the Brock University main campus.The exercise will involve the testing and response of the emergency response team (ERT), crisis management group (CMG), and the emergency notification system (ENS).The normal business day or any of the University events should not be disrupted. During the course of the morning the ENS may be sending out test messages only.You can receive these messages through:* Email* Voice mail* Electronic emergency scrolling message signs* P.A. System where that ability exists to make announcements* Brock cell phones* Brock paging devicesIt is anticipated that this disruption will be very minimal, but the testing of the system is an essential requirement in our emergency preparedness.Please direct any inquiries to Campus Security Services, ext. 5123 or Donna Moody, ext. 3585. read more